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Oh My little Ponies
was talking to a friend and the conversation turned to ponies , and from there it rolled into a weaponized Fluttershy this all began with a piece of fan art i stumbled accross on the interwebs depicting demoure little fluttershy with a four shot rocket launcher the M202A1 i believe. I then set about creating a weaponized fluttershy  using ingenuity bits molded from 1:100 scald veritechs, scratch built parts and a little magic
I was pleased as i looked upon my work and decided the need was there for more Cahos to be Sewen upon broneykind. the next was a mod of spitfire based upon fanart of her in a flight jacket and tee shirt.
 then i was beholden to my own machenations  with a little lustful ultraviolence  i brought forth ' a clockwork pony'
 and Everyone's favorite sociopath Pinkamina Diane Pie
Optimus Pride
A custom Leatherdaddy Optimus Pride I did for a friend for X-mus
 He is fully transformable even with the harness

My prototype repainted with a little Elvis "Pink Cadillac" seen here with his pet 'Mumblebee' (ty bayformers for taking his voice and inspiring this)
 A close up of his Mumble's head resculpt the whole head is a new sculpt. I need to strip him and redo the yellow/gold paint it is very harsh and looks like stucco which gives just the wrong impression of the poor little bee.
Brobramus Prime

So those of you who know me know I have a special hatred for the Bayformers designs, not because I'm a purist but because I feel combat robots should not have that many exposed moving and spinning parts. I'm sure it is the norm on Bro-batron but it doesn't do it for me. So when the requisition of a replacement trailer required the procurement of a Bayformer prime as well i decided on a little mod and redecco. Firstly I gave him the scratch built cannon I built for my gen1 vintage Opto-pops when I misplaced his wee gun in storage. (incidently this fig the Movie Trilogy All Star - Ultra Optimus Prime with Trailer does not come with weapons , rather he procures all the other mectech weapon systems for his trailer ports) As bad ass as he looked with his spiffy new gun he was still lacking the close combat edge present in all Ops' be it the G1 hand axe or the huge Waraxe of the War For Cybertron and the blades of Bay's movie Prime and it's cartoon clones. So I chose to make an energy Broadsword that would fit in the forearm mount to give the feel of the other weapon systems that were fist generated.

The redecco is in paint now and almost finished , just finalizing the chrome then touch ups and re assembly so the final pics should be available soon.

Well I finally got to adding the painted images ... the Chrome looked great until I tried to seal it then the gloss coat dulled the sheen the chrome had after paint. I guess I need more practice with my chroming technique.
Otherwise I picked up three automotive paint touch up tubes. Two were great the third was old i think as it was half evaporated and like molasses , as a result the Light Bronze Mist I wanted to paint his exposed gears is much darker than intended but it still came out o.k.
I chose a Black Sapphire metallic for the blue paint of the legs, but wanted to step this figure away from being Optimus and this resulted in a minor head mod where I trimmed off the superfluous forward pair of ear fins (this actually resulted in better light piping as more light gets to the clear plastic now) as well as the use of Dragon Green Pearl on the main body.

Using automotive paint may have been more expensive but it really helped make the parts pop and the high enamel content makes for a figure more resistant to chipping and handling wear.

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