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Kirito's Sword  Elucidator SAO

My friend who cosplayed as Asuna commissioned a sword for her nephew who has recently gotten into Sword Art Online so here it is the build of Elucidator it felt rushed and this is the alpha so it's not as clean as I'd like but here goes;

I will keep to the SAO tradition and start with completed and work backwards if you want to see the workflow in so far as I documented it scroll down ^_^

finishing up the silver trim using aluminum foil tape ( left)  and letting some black paint touchups dry after removing painters tape from the foil edges( right).

waiting for the black spray to dry prior to removing the tape from the foil. I used my dermal to cut a length of metal tube dollar store broom handle to length and used mighty putty to adhere and fill it over the reinforced tang of the blade prior to spraying, leaving the plastic covering on so the paint would bond the same as the rest of the sword. the embellishment on the blade tip was sculpted from Kneadaatite blue yellow epoxy putty then that was used to create a press mold which was used to cast two resin pieces which were based and sprayed with chrome spray. this was prior to my decision to use the aluminum foil which I later covered these pieces with prior to gluing them in place assuring they matched the rest of the "exposed metal" on the blade

assembly of the parts pre basecoat. I had played with the idea of basing the whole thing in silver, and taping the edges off prior to spray with the black but settled for edging it in Aluminum foil tape (metal duct tape). the hilt is a jigsaw of small angled pieces glued and filled using Elmer's wood filler then sanded as I was figuring out the shape for this alpha blade prior to the commission coming in. there was a time constraint so the client was happy accepting the alpha as opposed to a second build. it came out alright in the end (see above) but there is methodology I would change in future builds.

RWBY Ruby's Cresent Rose
Another friend comissioned this for the local Con. I wanted to make it fully collapsable but due to work constraining time and this being an alpha prototype i think it went ok.
they made her zip tie it shut one day, so i am glad the riflemode was worked into it . it is not fully collapsed but it is passable and still looked good ^_^
Robert Baratheon War Hammer
Well it has been a while so i won't keep you in suspence the hammer was finished a yearago but it took a little while for me to compile all my production pics so i'll spam them all here now  ^_~
 I plastered the whole thing once it was complete , i had trouble with the teeth of th maul so i discarded the foam board pyramids and made them out of hard crafters foam the blocks of the plasticy stuff.
 I used Brown rust proofing paint that had a built in 'hammered' effect , i think it gave the head of the hammer an aged ironlook like it was pitted from years of hard use on the battlefeild.
 added some nice paint to try to make the rear spike look like dragon ivory and some small details to flesh out the rest
And some we just need a really big steak.

Well look at all those little squares to cut out just to get 9 pyramids and the face plate I will glue down to the hammer face. Now for the cutting

Began the mock up for a commissioned Rob Baratheon War Hammer here is the head next to a 591ml pespi bottle for size.

Asuna Cosplay
A friend of mine wanted to Cosplay as Asuna From SAO and comissioned me to build some props. the finished product looks good and what follows is a breakdown of what i made for her.

Yui's Heart pendant SAO

The start of Yui's heart

Asuna's boots SAO
my friend's costume came with socks but no boots so we set forth to make her some.
a quick trip to value village for some second hand boots and we were ready to start i was going to paint them with spray, but i made the mistake of trusting walmart for cost and expedience ... the paint was  LESS than steller. i got good paint from Games workshop ( it's expensive but worth every penny) but the crappy paint made it have a fit , though it did a great job on the soles , i then had an epiffany. the boots had ridges i wanted to get rid of anyway and i came accross self adheasive foan sheets at the local craft store, so i bought a bunch of white and cut them like boot leather , some velcro to cover the zipper flaps i made and end results some nice boots.

Asuna's Blade Lambent Light SAO

Just about done, whipped up a display stand as well

Sheath end caps sculpted and final paint! Now for the 12+ hour drying time for the clear coat.

Sheath is painted now to add hardware and paint the end caps then seal it.

Base coated and halfway through paint.

Just a few more tweeks and it will be basecoat and sanding

Some more images of the Asuna Sword build.

A friend of mine loves sword art online, an anime series that was fairly well done and has a loyal fan following which she is a part of.  As such she wants to cosplay Asuna she has the costume but it does not come with the sword. So I'm 'forging' It for her. Here are the build photos to date.

Witch Hunter Robyn Pendant

Made a Witch Hunter Robyn Pendant for a friend who wanted to cosplay Robyn from the series.

I sculpted the red crystal from sculpty then made a mold and cast it in red resin acrylic. I sculpted the rest of the silver with kneadalite green stuff two part modeling compound and set an eye screw in the top to reenforce the eyelet sculpt around it.

Final images of the pendant.

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