Colouring/ Photoshop work

I'm a big fan of layer folders it makes rework so much easier to deal with here are some of my Photoshop stuff. I realize I have been a little remiss. I have focused mainly on my 3d work and other more tactile projects here and have left most of this to my Deviant Art account, but I haven't been posting to that as much as I would like so here is a small sampling of my digital painting. I promise to post more once G.I.M.P. and I stop fighting ^_~

An old sketch I coloured to play with bevel settings.

A quick sketch of the CH-148 Cyclone I did while waiting for a render.
A book cover I made at the request of a friend of mine a few years ago for a roll playing system he was trying to write.
A class project to make stained glass in photoshop I like how this one came out but I think I would change the layout of the solder lines if I did it again
A sketch of a fox done while waiting on a render.

An old gypsy caravan wagon and horses on a misty night done as part of matte painting class.

A friend of mine asked for some help with photoshop in school , he provided the image and we painted it at the same time so I could see his technique and he could see my work flow. This is my version.

 I wanted to see if I could mimic silk thread embroidery so I sketched this up and coloured it up roughly around the same time as the top image, a few years back 

Another 20 minute speed painting from layout to completion . the theme was Sleeping Giants , and since I'm a huge anime nerd, I chose a pair of UN Spacy pilots finding a Maltrandi warrior in stasis on a crashed ship.

This image incorporates an over painted 3d Render of the werewolf over a painted background to practice our matte and compositing skills.

Concept art I'm working on for an environment I want to model for a character I'm working on.
Update: changed the fog and light glow as well as lighting on horses

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