World of Warcraft maquettes

Some new maquettes I did a while ago  world of Warcraft Fury Warrior Night Elf and a Draenai Hunter, intended to be a beast master but haven't sculpted her pet yet.

 Custom minis

Some custom table top mini sculpts...

All these 'D&D' style minis below are sculpted on top of pennies for a scale reference



Now for some random minis inspired by rpg and other misc. head leaking's


Why is it whenever my friends ask me to sculpt statues for them it's always girls with big boobs... never mind I don't want to know. Here are two commission pieces for characters invented in the pervy minds of two of my friends... you both know who you are.



Shin is a rework of the Klan statue I had made it started with a conversation with a friend about how the scale was off when I sculpted her as I wanted her to be 1:100 scale to fit with my Macross Frontier Valkyries. My friend commented that with a few modifications she would be perfect for a character he was creating for an rpg/short story, so I offered to do the mods and shin-chan was born.

another clay goodie

this time it is a tarantula sculpt for my after effects/ compositing instructor.

Maquette for my 3D modeling instructor

this sculpt is based off a 3d model he was using to teach the class I finished it put it in a glass display case and waited until we no longer had any classes with him and gave it as a thank you for his instruction. Sadly I did not take pics of the finished nor from the beginning and as you can see from the picture quality my digital camera at the time was a harsh camera phone, pre smartphone era.
 the paper under her bangs was wax paper and there to keep some distance and to keep them from adhering to her forehead during cure time of the epoxy putty.

I love the way her back sculpt came out but the detail is hidden under the hair. If it had been my character I would of changed that up a bit to show off her upper back a bit more but was going from the 3d model as close as I could. Also the final hair is painted black, sadly no pics of this, but I will point out that the cobblestone base is the base of the bell jar display and sculpted by me to give it a more fantasy feel than the plain black plastic.

earliest pics I have was sculpted along side Klan so here they are with some items for scale.

Klan Klan Macross Frontier

So I've been feeling a little stagnant, so I decided to pick up some super sculpty, and kick it old are the work progression pics...

The first torso-ie one was all I intended to do , I meant to just do a bit every other night but 7.5 h later I had the last set.

The character is Klan Klan from Macross Frontier. I've noticed that I seem to have Macross on the brain, but it can't be helped since 2/22/09 just passsed and I was way too busy(Ahem...poor) to have gone to the Super Dimensional Mall at Japan's Macross Launch party. (Feb 22/09 for those not in the know was the launch date for the maiden flight of the Macross Battle Fortress in the original series)

So I followed the time honored Otaku tradition of making my own swag... and who knows time and necessity permitting, I may try to do the whole cast...
She's a bit big tho even for a zentradi, I'd intended to size her to the 1-100 scale line from Toynami.

So she's here ready for a light sanding in prep for paint... sadly this will come later as no rest for the wicked means back to digital 3D, I can only afford to waste 1 day every so often.

I think I'm going to resculpt her before doing others, there are things I'd change on her; her hair, face, breasts, and buttocks all need some tweaking and I'd scale her down by about 2 inches.

All in all though she came out good being the first time I've touched sculpty in almost a year.

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