UI designs

Some rough UI pencils
A mock up for a web based media player 

An interactive 3D training program for doing manual repairs mechanical parts.

A flash based training system for classroom or web based learning

Information bulletenteen board


These are examples of a game interface I developed for a class at the Center For Arts and Technology while enrolled in 3D Game Animation.
This is the player interface mock up denoting the basic controls in the middle of the screen as if the command menu had been brought up.
This is the play map for checking a player's progress through the game. it is intended to be suggestive of a dirt patch that someone is drawing a map in with a stick or other such device, as a stage is completed it is revealed, "drawn in" and the starting point of the next stage is denoted with a stone or bottle cap or subway token, what ever is appropriate for the area to be played, allowing for fast travel back to the stage for replay once the goals are met


The following is an example of Web page layout with a functional and simple user interface in mind.
The main page features an image map style navigation to 3 quick links under the logo, media goals and skills respectively, with an information block below that. the right floating navigation menus are constant through each page and allow for multi directional navigation across the website.
The media section is further refined by the division between 2D images, 3D images, and video, allowing for viewers to focus on the media they are interested in.

The images for both 2D and 3D are collected in sets and displayed in a light box viewing system,
and the video is run in an embedded player with the intention of having a selectable thumbnail menu to be added once more videos are added to the site.

Information about the artist's skills and training, as well as goals are broken up into text pages that outline the information in concise point forms.

In certain cases such as the resume there will be the options to view on line or download.

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